...faster delivery with professional service...

In cooperation with our logistic partners ( DHL, GEL, Palletways etc ) its a snap to get your balikbayan boxes to our warehouse in Suhl, Thuringia, the logistic heart of Germany. Here we process your box and other items you may ship for loading into a sea container for transshipment to Manila. After arrival in Manila our Logistic partner with 20 years experience in balikbayan shipments clears the Container and handles final deliver to the recipient.


We strive to get your box to the final destination as fast and safe as possible.

Track and Trace

You can track your shipment on our site from pick up to final delivery.

What can I ship?

Anything that is not illegal or restricted. Of course, the common balikbayan box filled with goodies for your loved ones but also other items like:

  • Refrigerators
  • Ovens
  • Washing machines
  • Furniture ( on a case to case basis )

Where can I ship?

Anywhere in the Philippines except a few areas where the delivery is not possible due to high risk factor. Refer to News releases.

When can I ship?

Anytime. Simply use our online tools to get your empty boxes and schedule a pick up after you packed them. We take care of the rest

Shipping duration

We will constantly pick up packed boxes. Depending on volume, your box may be stored for as little as 1 week or as long as 6 weeks before transshipment

  • Transoceanshipment takes 5 week
  • Customclearance and release 1 week
  • Final delivery depends on destination - 1-4 weeks